Robert Romawia Royte




Robert Romawia Royte

Date of Birth

29.1.1967.  (Age 47)

Educational Qualification


Father’s Name

Than Thuama Royte (L)

Mother’s Name


Permanent Address

Chhinga Veng, Aizawl, Mizoram

Marital Status


Name of Spouse

Lalrampari Royte (Mapari Hnamte) Radio Artiste

Edn. Qualification of Spouse

B.A., B.Ed.(Govt. H/S Teacher)

No. of Children

4 (1 son and 3 daughters)

Present Occupation

(1) Chairman, TT ROYTE GROUP.
(2) Proprietor & Chief Managing Director,
Northeast Consultancy Services (Govt.
Empanelled Design Build Consultant).
(3) First Class Contractor, PWD, Mizoram.
(4) First Class Contractor, P&E, Mizoram.


Born on 29.1.1967 between ThanThuamaRoyte(L) (TT Royte) and Lalbiakveli, Robert Romawia Royte completed his secondary level education from Mizoram while he finished graduation in Political Science (Honours) from St.Edmund’s College, Shillong. He completed MA and M.Phil (Pol.Sc) from NEHU, Shillong and B.Ed from CTE, Aizawl.

After his successful career as Lecturer and Principal of Govt. Zawlnuam College during 1991 – 1995, he joined the post of CEO in School Education Department, Govt. of Mizoram after becoming the topper in the recruitment of CEO through Mizoram Public Service Commission in 1995. In 2002, he was deputed to the Govt. of India’s flagship programme of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) as Dy. DPC &Convener, State Planning Team. Even after his promotion to DPC and also further promotion to OSD in 2008, he continued to function as the State Convener of the State Planning Team. He was rightly known as, the Architect of Mizoram SSA programme through which Mizoram state was selected to receive the ‘Best State Award’ by India Today Group.

In 2005, Robert Royte initiated an Innovative Sports Programme under SSA with the theme of ‘Catch Them Young’ in which a good number of young boys and girls were given systematic training through Sport Academies. Many people opine that his innovative initiative of sports academies across Mizoram was the beginning of sports development in Mizoram.

Recognising his talents, the NIAR, a unit of Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) Missouri selected. Robert Royte as National Consultant in 2007, the selection of which is through national advertisement. But he could not join the post as the Govt. of Mizoram could not release him for the inevitability of his service for the department.Knowing his expertise and skill in preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) for availing funds from Govt. of India, Govt. of Nagaland requested the Govt. of Mizoram to spare his service in 2009. With permission of Govt. of Mizoram, he successfully prepared ‘A Road Map for Universalisation of Secondary Education in Nagaland (a Perspective Plan 2009-2010 to 2016–2017) and later on in 2010 A Road Map for Universalition of Elementary Education for 2010–2011 to 2016–2017 in Nagaland. (SSA Perspective Plan) After approval of the projects by MHRD, Govt. of India, Nagaland has got huge amount of central funds from the DPRs. In fact, Robert Romawia Royte was given Special Appreciation Certificate by the Chief Minister of Nagaland for this achievement forthe state.

With a view to serve theNE states in wider fields, Royte resigned from his Govt. post of OSD andjoined the Northeast Consultancy Services (NECS) as Chairman & CMD, which he had founded in 2007.

As an independent Entrepreneur, Robert Royte achieved unexpected level of success in a very short span of time. Under his able leadership the NECS became No.1 consultancy firm in Northeast India within 5 years and also a leading construction firm in Mizoram. The NECS is known for its quality of works and timely completion of works.

After becoming one of the most resourceful Entrepreneurs in Mizoram, it has become more convenient for him to fulfil his desire for helping the needy and also for investing huge amount of his money for the social cause. He has become the ‘Most Donor’ of the state for the poor and downtrodden section of the society. His strategic investments and interventions in promotion of sports and culture deserves recognition.

Being a footballer and football lover, he made very hard decision in taking over (purchase) of the expensive Aizawl Football Club in 2012 and made it the first professional football club in Mizoram. The club became Champions of 2nd Division I-league in 2014-2015 and thus promoted to top league of India in 2015-2016 to be the first I-League club from the state. To the surprise of the whole nation, Aizawl Football Club became Champions of India in the top league in 2016-2017 season because of his untiring efforts, efficient and professional management of the club by him as Owner and President of the Club. He persistently sponsors the club since the beginning in 2011 till today.

It is noteworthy that Robert Royte rejected proposal for huge amount of sponsorship for his club from liquor companies on moral grounds. In fact, Aizawl Football Club fights against alcoholism and drugs abuse.Aizawl Football Club has become the potential link that significantly bridges the gap between the mainland India and the isolated NE India through football, resulting in the national integration.

Robert Romawia Royte is one of the most awarded personalities in Mizoram. His awards include:

  1. Appreciation Certificate for Outstanding Achievement by Government of Nagaland.
  2. Zothansiamtu Award, 2010 by All Mizoram Educated Federation.
  3. Mizo of the Year, 2012 by Lelte Weekly Magazine.
  4. Award for Most Successful Person in Mizoram, 2013 by Mizoram Periodical Journalist Association, General Headquarters, Aizawl.
  5. Northeast Man of the Year 2017 by Byatikram Group & Telegraph Group.
  6. Achiever’s Pannelist in NE Youth Conclave in Delhi 2017 – Organised by Govt. of Assam
  7. Appreciation Certificates from YMA, MHIP, MUP, MZP, MSU, Churches & other NGOs.
  8. NEEDS awards Guwahati, 2018
  9. Aizawl FC-Nominee for Indian Club of the Year 2018
  10. Aizawl FC-Club of the Year 2018 (Award handed over by Shri Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of India.

It is rightly said that Robert Royte has truly proved his worth in government and non – government sectors. He deserves being awarded as Mizo of the year and also Northeast Man of the year 2017 for his great achievement in the field of construction and sports. His achievements as Philanthropist are equally great.


Widely known and recognized for his Mizo Nationalism and Patriotism. His donations to philanthropic organizations, rescue homes, poor and downtrodden people. His vision, soft skill and clarity in decision making and dedication to work and his zeal for results and achievements has elevated him to the social position of one of the most successful man among the Mizos.


Robert Romawia Royte,
Chhinga Veng, Aizawl.
Ph: 0389 2323517 / 09436144216


  • R. Lalhmangaihsanga  says:

    Han pawm tlang thei che sela ka va duh tak em! Kan ram tana i hna thawh hi a ropui ka ti.

  • Mapuia  says:

    atha khwp mai

  • Marama Hauhnar  says:

    Mi kam liam chihrang hrang ka chhiar tawh a. Mi pui hnena ngenna i siam khi ka ring tawk a. Mi puitling in ni a, thu diklo lang leh mai tur kan politician thenkhat anga i sawi ka ring lo e. I lam tang ka ni e.

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